'Batman v Superman' Movie News: Gal Gadot Talks What She 'Admires' About Wonder Woman

Gal Godot recently spoke about what drew her to the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Gadot's version of Wonder Woman will be a self-empowered superhero who doesn't need to rely on men to get the job done. The actress explained this in a new interview with Glamour:

"It was important for me that we show how independent she is. She is not relying on a man, and she's not there because of a love story," Gadot said. "She's not there to serve someone else. She has so many strengths and powers, but at the end of the day she's a woman with a lot of emotional intelligence...I think women are amazing for being able to show what they feel. I admire women who do. I think it's a mistake when women cover their emotions to look tough. I say let's own who we are and use it as a strength."

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It's not just emotional strength that Gadot is bringing to the role. She's also bulked up significantly for the role, and she is very happy with the way she looks now.

"Since I've started, I've gained about 17 pounds, and it's all muscle," she said. "I feel so much better now. When you feel strong, it changes everything--your posture, the way you walk. I look at photos from five years ago and think, Whoa, I was too skinny. It's not cool."

While Gadot's Wonder Woman will have a semi-important role in Batman v Superman, the real test is when she gets her own solo movie. The Wonder Woman movie is slated for 2017. She will also be part of the cast of Justice League, Part 1 and presumably continue as a DC Cinematic Universe regular.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled for release in theaters on March 25.

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