Dan Bilzerian News: Instagram King Is Preparing For 'The Worst' In Bike Trip [VIDEO]

Dan Bilzerian is about to take on one brutal challenge.

The Instagram celebrity, who's known for his racy and bizarre photos, is about to go on a massive bicycle ride from Hollywood to Las Vegas in 48 hours, according to Tuesday's report from The Sun.

"This is no joke," the social media playboy told the New York Post. "Nobody does this. From LA to Vegas I have a 13,000-foot climb- which is [almost] half of Mount Everest- but I wanted a challenge."

This definitely will be a big challenge for Bilzerian who's undergoing major training at the moment. He opened up on his diet as well as where he's been riding.

"I eat five egg whites and two yolks, oatmeal, fruit and almond butter [for breakfast]," he said. "Then I take zinc, vitamin C and probiotics. An hour after, I ride in the Red Rock Canyon (outside of LA) for 4 ½ hours. Then, back home, I have an ice bath and an Epsom-salt bath, get a massage, eat again, and that's my day."

So far, this is leaving the man sore all over.

"My legs hurt, my Achilles is popping, my a-s is bruised and I've lost six pounds," he revealed.

Even though he's going through an expensive bet with opponent Bill Perkins, Bilzerian is determined to win.

"The recovery promises to be brutal," he admitted. "I anticipate bed rest and will be surprised if any skin remains on my a-s. You hope for the best with these things, but prepare for the worst."

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