'Honest Trailer' Batman v Superman: Michael Keaton & Christopher Reeve Movies Face Off [VIDEO]

Batman and Superman won't just be going against each other at the box office this weekend.

ScreenJunkies, famous for their "Honest Trailers" that re-cut movie trailers to more accurately represent their respective movies, are doing something special in honor of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The company has created Honest Trailers for 1989's Batman and 1978's Superman and released them simultaneously this week.

"With Batman v Superman hitting theatres this weekend, we thought we'd have a little smackdown of our own!" ScreenJunkies writes in the caption for both videos. "That's right, we've got TWO Honest Trailers for you today! Show us your [allegiance] by sharing which trailer you think should win: The 1989 Michael Keaton classic Batman or Christopher Reeve's iconic 1978 Superman. The video with the most views wins! Share away ScreenJunkies! Let's see who the real winner will be!"

Whichever trailer receives the most views will win. So what's the prize? ScreenJunkies will make an Honest Trailer for 2005's Batman Begins if Batman wins or an Honest Trailer for 2006's Superman Returns if Superman wins.

The Honest Batman Trailer centers on the fact that director Tim Burton made a number of controversial decisions, including casting a controversial lead (Michael Keaton), re-casting the white Harvey Dent and putting Billie Dee Williams in the role, changing the Batsuit and re-doing Batman's origin story. They also spend a hilarious amount of time assessing Jack Nicholson's version of The Joker.

The Honest Superman trailer focuses on the campy nature of the film, as well as its introduction of many modern superhero movie tropes, like setting up future sequels, (unnecessary) origin stories, comic book lingo, time travel and the destruction of famous landmarks. The somewhat cheesy special effects are also dwelled upon, and compared to the amazing special effects of modern-day Superman movies.

As of Wednesday morning the Batman trailer has a narrow lead over the Superman trailer, but it's still so close that either one could win.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released in theaters on Friday.

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