Jamie Lynn Spears Talks About Being a Teen Mom

Before MTV's hit shows 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, Jamie Lynn Spears, little sister of Britney Spears, found herself in a similar situation.

She had just wrapped a season of her Nickelodeon show Zoey 101 and was ready to return home to Louisiana and school and be a normal teenager, but she found out she was pregnant. 

"I was 16. I'd had one boyfriend," Spears told Glamour Magazine. "It doesn't make it perfect or all right. But I was judged for something that probably most everyone does. I was young. I was in love. I was like every other teenager, except I had this last name. And I made a decision that is forever my decision."

"I believe in safety and birth control as prevention," she continued. "But like many young girls...I was really scared to go to the doctor. And I was on a Nickelodeon show, and it [felt] especially embarrassing to ask someone to put me on birth control. I didn't want to ask my doctor, because she had a little girl."

After Spears settled into motherhood and went through a breakup with her daughter's father, she was ready to step out back into the spotlight. 

"Music has always been close to my heart," she said. "Obviously Britney had been doing it, but I hadn't yet found a way to express myself as an artist. [My manager] said, "Why don't you come to Nashville?" So I started writing and performing songs, and people said, "These are really good." I've been learning from the best musicians. It's been like college for me."

"I was a kid who did a kid show. Then I went away and raised my child, and the world has never met me as an adult," Spears continued. "This is the first time anybody is really meeting me as a grown woman and grown mother making a decision about what to do with my life. Do people have an idea of who they think I am? Yes, and that's fine with me. My music will speak for itself."

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