It’s no secret that K. Michelle has said she is a victim of domestic violence. But now she’s in hot water after she was spotted attacking a man after he allegedly lied to her on her VH1 series K. Michelle: My Life.

K. Michelle came for Bobby Maze with words and physically after he refused to give her her phone following an intense moment between them. He claimed he didn’t have it. But K. Michelle wasn’t buying it.

“So you don’t have my phone? After you admitted you have my phone? Goodbye Bobby. Get up and go. I came here for my phone.”

She continued to shut him down before stood up. He warned her, “Don’t talk to me like that,” but K. Michelle was the first to get physical when she hit him with a small bag, causing security to carry her away from the scene.

“He can’t be this dumb!” she told cameras. “Whatever games you wanna play, I’m not playin. I’m done. This is over!”

She got into the car to leave, but then Bobby realized he still didn’t have his things, either. He approached the car, but security wouldn’t let him get too close.

They warned him not to open the door.

“This man not getting s*** back from me…” she said. “When you decide to finally grow up… I’m keeping the jewelry until then.”

K. Michelle ended up leaving Bobby standing there as she pulled off.

Check out the full clip below.

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