K. Michelle can now add famous radio host, Angela Yee, to the people she has beefed with.

The singer came for Yee during her appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in New York City Tuesday morning.

Apparently K. Michelle was already feeling a way toward Yee after rapper Uncle Murda slammed her and suggested they hooked up on his own interview with The Breakfast Club recently. She confronted Yee for bringing up K. Michelle during his appearance.

“The interview was over and the credits were running. You brought that back up. I know you want ratings, but you’re a woman…They weren’t even talking about that. You brought that up.”

Yee tried to clear the air but K. Michelle then called her out for being an “instigator.”

“You being a woman, and you see me out here… You had already addressed that. There was no need for you to open your mouth and you’re sitting over there giggling.”

Yee then said she didn’t initiate it but K. Michelle let her know she did.

“You sat there and chuckled. You did that. You don’t know what that might have done to me.”

Yee later responded on Twitter.

K. Michelle also took time to clear up her statement that Beyonce was dropping a secret album the same night as hers last week. She said that wasn’t supposed to be a portion of the interview and she didn’t even know the cameras were rolling at the time. She also pointed out that she said she “heard it might come out,” rather than saying it was actually being released.