'Star Trek Beyond' Spoilers: New Trailer To Be Unveiled Next Month? [VIDEO]

A new trailer and promotion for Star Trek Beyond is lined up for next month, according to a new report.

Collider reports that Paramount has been prepping to promote Star Trek Beyond in s a big way for a fan event coming up in May in Los Angeles. The publication did some investigation about the recent lack of promotion surrounding the film found out that something big was planned for May. The report did not reveal what this fan event is and when exactly it will take place in May.

In other recent news, it was revealed that fans will now have the option of viewing Star Trek Beyond on Barco Escape theatrical screens.

This special version of the film will be released by Bad Robot, Paramount and Skydance to give fans an immersive experience. The Hollywood Reporter revealed this bit of news, also getting a statement from Bad Robot producer and head of visual effects, Ben Rosenblatt about this development. "When you're on the bridge of the Enterprise, you might see additional coverage of the bridge," he said. "Or you might see the Enterprise coming across the screen - and maybe you'll see more and the attacking forces. There are new ships and antagonists that are well suited to the expanded image."

This treatment is compared to "stitching three screens" together in the report. Rosenblatt will be remastering the film for this screen, which will add at least 20 minutes more to it.

Producer J.J. Abrams, who is also the owner of Bad Robot, also spoke about the development in a statement.

"Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond is an epic adventure - truly larger than life," said Abrams. "It is especially fitting, then, that we are partnering with Barco to provide an ultra wide-screen immersive experience using their unique Barco Escape format. This premium format dramatically expands the width of the viewing plane, giving filmmakers an innovative new tool with which to tell stories and audiences an enhanced new way to experience cinema."

Star Trek Beyond will open in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Watch the trailer:

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