Amal Clooney News: Human Rights Lawyer Blasted For Not Donating Money During Fundraiser [VIDEO]

Amal Clooney might be beautiful, smart and well-dressed (while also being married to one of the most popular Hollywood actors of this generation), yet it looks like she just can't catch a break with her critics.

This time around the British-born Human Rights lawyer is being criticized for attending a fundraiser but apparently not donating any money herself for the cause.

According to Pop Dust on Friday, Amal managed to turn heads in her pricey outfit (which included a pair of $1,395 pants) while speaking out about sex trafficking at a Dallas fundraising luncheon. Unfortunately, sources say that even though the event raised more than $1 million dollars, Amal didn't contribute anything herself.

During the New Friends New Life luncheon Amal also discussed crimes against journalism and how her passion is what gives her the drive to help her clients.

Local reports say that even though the conversation sometimes shifted to questions about her husband George, Amal tried to keep focused on the worldwide issue of sex trafficking. Statistics show that over 27 million people could be enslaved throughout the world, including the United States.

Writer Joanne Wolf wrote rather sarcastically, "Ironically, Amal could have contributed a million dollars herself, simply by forgoing a few phone-calls to Saks Fifth Avenue, but then there would be no publicity so scrap that idea."

It is unknown if and how much money Amal contributed to the cause, as a rep for the lawyer has not made any comments about the report.

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