John Krasinski, Emily Blunt News: Actress Recalls Wanting To Save Her Husband's Disastrous Fashion Mistake [VIDEO]

Emily Blunt had only nice things to say about her husband's play.

The actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday evening where she dished on the play Dry Powder, which her spouse, John Krasinski, is in. When the host asked Blunt how he was doing in the show, she described his performance as "excellent." She also said by the end of the run, she will have seen it four times.

Blunt also recalled a performance where Krasinski had a bit of a fashion disaster, something that was quite shocking for her. And it didn't help that the scene took a while to finish.

"I went opening night and because I'd seen the play before I knew that John's first scene was a 25-minute long scene and it's in the round, this production because you have audience all around you, 250-300 people," the actress explained. "And John came out for his first scene and his suit jacket was tucked into his pants, like, really tucked. And I heard myself say, 'Oh my god, no!'"

Due to the way the theater is shaped, of course, all the audience members would be able to get a glimpse of this mistake. And all Blunt wanted to do was help her poor husband.

"I was thinking, 'This scene is 25 minutes. Could I go up there somehow?'" she said. "I was panicking. I was, like, 'How do I get his jacket out of his crack?'"

Clearly, Krasinski's wife couldn't get on stage to fix his jacket, but luckily, one of his co-stars noticed and pulled the coat out of the pants. But it was even more disastrous that Krasinski saw Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, in the audience.

See what else Blunt had to say about her husband's performance below.

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