David And Victoria Family News: Couple Blasted For Being The ‘English Kardashians’ VIDEO]

While plenty of parents love to show off their children's talents and achievements on social media, some people think that those same kids have a right to demand a certain level of privacy, especially if they aren't the ones making the decisions behind the camera. And that's why celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham are being blasted by their critics for sharing photos and videos of their four kids on social media, considering the fact that millions of people are watching them.

The former international soccer star shared a new video of his son Cruz performing Anna Kendrick's a cappella version of "When I'm Gone" using just a cup and a table. He captioned the photo with, "Look at my little man go... Ridiculously cute and the enjoyment in his face whilst doing it makes us smile."

And while his fans can definitely agree that the video is adorable, others think David and Victoria should be keeping their personal lives personal, which also includes the endless amounts of photos they share of their kids on Instagram.

To make things worse, some people are even calling the Beckhams the "English Kardashians."


Some comments from followers include, "You know what I love about celebrity couples who don't exploit their children on social media/in the public eye? They're giving their children the option of having a normal life. And by normal life I mean away from Hollywood so that they get to choose if they want the fame or not. The Beckhams aren't one of those couples," along with, "Say what you will about how they're too famous to hide...they have the money and resources to do whatever it is that they want. They just choose to throw their children into this mess and the only ones who truly suffer are the kids."

Another critic wrote, "I've said it before, but I'm always amazed by how positively the Beckhams tend to be viewed in the US. Here on the other side of the Atlantic, they've long been considered as just a step above the Kardashians. And they've been blatantly marketing their children for years now. Nobody in the UK will be surprised by any of this."

So far neither David nor Victoria have responded to the criticism.

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