Angelina Jolie News 2016: Fans Think ‘Maleficent 2’ Is A Bad Idea? [VIDEO]

They haven't even started filming the movie, yet fans already think it's a bad idea. So far, it looks like many critics think that Angelina Jolie might be making a bad move by reprising her role as Maleficent from the hit 2014 Disney live-action film.

According to E! News on Monday, Walt Disney Motion Pictures confirmed that they are developing nine live-action movie, including Maleficent 2. So far, Jolie is coming back for them film while Linda Woolverton will be writing the script.

Yet, both fans and critics alike think one Maleficent is enough as there's a good chance that the sequel won't meet the same success that the first film enjoyed in the box office two years ago.

Some critics have commented with, "So much meh. All the meh. She was great but as a movie overall, Maleficent was dreadful. Terribly weak script," along with, "The movie completely wrecked that and was absolutely awful. I don't hold on to a lot of things but I think I'll be butthurt over it forever. Jolie was a GREAT choice for an evil, vindictive Maleficent and then Disney had to completely ruin her character."

Another said, "I loved Maleficent and like the idea of another movie but...where would it go? The first movie basically wrapped everything up."

One fan did write though, "I'm interested only to know the storyline. her teaching Aurora to be a great leader? an eco warrior? i'm actually interested to see a post-coda Aurora. Something more than just "riding off to the sunset."

So far Jolie herself has not made any comments about the project.

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