Jennifer Aniston News 2016: ‘Mother’s Day’ Movie A Major Box Office Bomb [VIDEO]

It looks like Jennifer Aniston might want to take cover this Mother's Day. That's because there are new reports already indicating that her latest box office offering is a huge bomb, despite the all-star cast that also includes Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.

According to Naughty Gossip, Mother's Day is just another long list of films that have done poorly for Aniston in recent years. Even though the film cost about $25 million to make, the website reported that it's estimated to only pull in roughly $7.7 million for its opening weekend.

And the film's reviews weren't kind to the cast, either. According to Cosmopolitan on Sunday, Mother's Day is already being called the worst film of 2016.

One critic wrote: "Mother's Day is a total mess, but what's truly offensive is that they didn't even try to make this cynical, post-Sunday brunch cash grab even remotely watchable. Your mom deserves so much better this Mother's Day."

Another slammed it by decrying:  "Much about Mother's Day is easy to mock, including the overlit squeaky-clean images, the clumsy use of green screen and stunt doubles, and the excited references to social media platforms as if these were the newest, edgiest thing. Most disconcerting of all is the lack of drama: there are no villains nor any conflicts that can't be swiftly resolved."

Another critic wrote, "Even with a reduced cast list, Mother's Day feels both overstuffed and undernourished, filled with subplots that simply don't need to exist."

Even Aniston--with her major star power--can't seem to save the film from totally bombing at the box office.

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