Bow Wow and Joie Chavis, the mother of his child, seemed to be getting along great until Chavis and his ex-fiancee got into a heated spat via Twitter last month. But did Bow Wow take it a step further and throw shade at Chavis on the special day for moms Sunday?

The rapper turned CSI: Cyber star seemed to take to Snap Chat and Instagram to speak on his frustration.

He shared a video of himself with a special filter that showed him somewhat getting electrocuted. He said, “…[are] so crazy nowadays they will make you just… crazy”

He went on a mini rant in the caption, “Some of yall ******* aint getting no mothers day shout out. Because more than sometimes yall make a man feel like this everyday…”

He went on to add the hashtags, “#happymothersdaymorelikekillyoselfday #wejustsimplyhateyou “happymothersday #isaythiswithlove #takecareofyokids #speakingforthefellas #youmad #deadbeatmomsintheyfeelingsisee”

While he added, “This message ain’t for nobody I know,” fans speculated that he was referring to Chavis; especially since he didn’t give Chavis a special mother’s day shoutout Sunday.

“You weren’t [saying] that when you were trying to win your baby mama back after [Erica Mena] so shut up.”

“Wow…This is just disappointing. You are basically showing that you can’t let mothers have one day… Have a little class…”

“This is probably the reason the baby mama is always on 10. No time for the immaturity. Grow up. Maybe ya baby mama problems will improve” Still, Bow Wow did show love to his mother, Teresa Caldwell.