Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 just aired, and it is what a lot of fans have expected. Unsurprisingly, the episode was a pretty light-hearted filler, featuring a Goku who seemed to be losing control and a baby Pan who managed to fly home alone. Indeed, as much as the episode was undoubtedly a filler in order to buy time for the new arc to start, it was nonetheless a pretty enjoyable episode.

Now, the preview for the next episode was already released. Just like the previous episode, it appears as if the 44th episode, titled The Seal of Planet Potaufeu, Secret of the Unleashed Superhuman Water would be, in some form, yet another filler. This time, the focus would be the dynamic Saiyan duo, Goten and Trunks, who seemed to have fallen into a trap. Together with the two kids was Monaka, a hapless delivery driver who ended up being embroiled in the previous arc's battles.

The official synopsis of Episode 44 is pretty straightforward, and it seems like it would be a pretty fun filler episode once more.

"One day, Monaka comes to deliver something to Bulma's place, but Bulma corrals him into helping out with her latest experiment. Meanwhile, Bulma's son Trunks and Goku's son Goten play around on the luggage carrier in Monaka's spaceship, but eventually fall asleep. When Monaka gets back, he sets off in his spaceship, unaware that the two are inside." the synopsis read.

As a result of being stuck in Monaka's luggage carrier, the two kids would eventually end up in some form of trouble, to the point where they would need to fight. Thankfully for the kids, the preview also Goku stepping in and appearing to protect the two children. At the end of the preview, Goku was shown powering up and Trunks is also gearing up to fight. From what could be seen, there would be some action on Episode 44. 

Even if the upcoming episode is just a filler until the real story picks up once more, it is nonetheless one that would undoubtedly put a smile on fans' faces. After all, Dragon Ball Super is all about lighthearted comedy and action. If any, this episode appears to have both those elements. 

Check out the preview below!