Time must have healed the pain for Erica Mena because now she is opening up about her epic and very public breakup with her now ex-fiance, actor Bow Wow months after they called it quits.

TMZ’s Rock Rants caught up with Mena and she made it clear Bow Wow didn’t really leave a footprint on her life.

“Even though I was engaged to him, it just doesn’t count to me anymore. It never left a real impact. It just happened… I mean it did… I’m not bitter or anything. It’s kind of like, ‘It happened, let’s just leave it and move on.’”

Interestingly enough, Mena has made claims against Bow Wow and said that he physically abused her in the past. But when asked if she “forgives” him she said, “There’s nothing really to forgive.”

She added, “I feel like if anything it was a great life lesson… Like, he taught me a lot. Like, I got my [stuff] together real quick being with him. So it was a moment of ‘Wake up, realize what you deserve and go for it and never let anyone hold you back.’ It was one of those moments.

She also opened up about their “traumatic situation” in which they had a miscarriage.

“I don’t even wanna talk about it anymore. I’m so past it. There’s no real emotion there to care or not care… I just wish him all the best and let’s just move forward.”

See her comments at the 7:15 mark.