Fergie and Josh Duhamel's son is turning into a little daredevil these days.

On Friday, the actor opened up to E! News on his son, Axl, who is at a point where he's no longer a baby who can't speak up. In fact, the child is speaking a lot and saying things his parents would never expect.

"Right now he is a fully formed two-and-a-half year-old, about to be three at the end of August and we're just loving watching this little guy...it's amazing what they say," Duhamel said. "They go from these helpless little infants to these little humans that say and think things that you're like, 'Where did you learn that? Where did he learn this?' He certainly didn't learn this from me."

Duhamel added that Axl is also doing some running and jumping. And sometimes he takes it to a point where his dad starts to worry about his safety a little bit.

"What they do is they test your limits, they test their limits trying to do whatever they can," the actor said about his son. "And it's usually pretty dangerous."

The most dangerous thing that Axl's done lately is he tries to "jump off steps." Even though the steps are somewhat carpeted, Duhamel knows he has to keep an eye out when it comes to testing those limits.

Duhamel previously dished to AOL on the possibility of putting his son into show business someday. It could potentially happen, but only if that's what Axl chooses.

"I'm going to hold off on that for as long as possible," he said. "I want him to have a good education and a normal childhood first and if he wants to do it down the road he can, but we're not pushing him towards that."