Josh Duhamel gave some details on Fergie's new album, which is apparently coming out pretty shortly.

On Monday, Fox News shared an interview with the actor who mentioned how busy he and his wife have been as she works on new music and he concentrates on filming. At this point though, Fergie's album could be released as early as next week with her tour coming next.

"She is releasing this album, which I'm told is going to be in like 10 days, but I'm not saying anything," Duhamel said. "But yeah, there's going to be that whole release and then the beginning of next year she'll be touring so it's good. One of us will be home, one of us will be gone and we'll meet. That's the plan. Who knows? We're making it up as we go!"

Duhamel and Fergie are parents to their son, Axl, 2. The actor opened up on how he wants his child to be appreciative of the fact that even though he has celebrity parents, they weren't always fully privileged.

"The challenge in raising a kid in LA, you know with two parents who- we've literally come from nothing, my wife and I," Duhamel said. "And I want him to sort of understand that and respect that and understand the importance of not only money, but respect and compassion and kindness and all those kids of things."

The actor recently spoke with E! News about how his son has gotten into some bizarre stunts so he has to keep a close eye out on him.

"What they do is they test your limits, they test their limits trying to do whatever they can," Duhamel said. "And it's usually pretty dangerous."