A new Arrested Development trailer is spreading on the internet, potentially teasing a fifth season of the cult favorite comedy.

The trailer was posted on Reddit on Thursday, causing a huge hubbub among the fanbase. The teaser features title cards stating that the series is back and slated to return on January 2017, all set to the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe, which is featured frequently on the series.

While many Reddit commenters were excited, many others were skeptical that this trailer might be fake. After all, the season 4 trailer features the same title cards interspersed with footage from the show. Would Netflix really re-use title cards for another trailer? It seems unlikely, though anything is possible. Judge for yourself here:

Regardless, fans of Arrested Development have been hoping for a fifth season for quite some time now. Tony Hale, who plays Buster Bluth on the series, recently spoke with The Huffington Post about the cast wanting to return for another season.

"I know for a fact that everyone wants to do it," he stated.

Hale also said that he does "miss" working with his fellow Arrested Development cast members, adding, "I miss working across from Gob or working across from Lucille or Tobias."

Then there are rumors of a potential Arrested Development movie, but Hale wouldn't speculate on what that might be about.

"I never would have thought of anything this guy came up with," he said, discussing series creator Mitchell Hurwitz. "So that's what I'm really excited about. To see where that goes."

Executive producer Brian Grazer teased fans last year by openly saying that there will be 17 new episodes of Arrested Development.

"I love Arrested Development, but it was never a huge thing," Grazer said on Bill Simmons' The B.S. Report podcast last April. "But people are loyal to it. We're going to do another 17 episodes, so stay tuned for Arrested Development."

Netflix has not confirmed that a fifth season is in the works.

The first four seasons of Arrested Development are currently available to stream on Netflix.