Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz recently revealed his plans going forward with the cult favorite comedy.

Hurwitz spoke with The Hollywood Reporter in a Tuesday report about his plan to make a movie first and then make season 5.

"What my new thing is, because it might be tough to get the cast together for the four months you would need to make a series, is to try to get them together for four weeks sooner, and do the movie," Hurwitz explained. "And then, bring the series back after that. So my goal is to do a movie for Netflix type thing, and then go into the series."

Hurwitz's comments suggest that he's willing to continue business with Netflix, which brought Arrested Development back for a fourth season this year after Fox canceled the show in 2006. The movie would not get a theater release; rather, it would debut to audiences via Netflix's streaming service.

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The creator also noted that he did not adequately prepare the show's passionate audience for season 4. The season featured a format that gave each character their own focus episode instead of utilizing the ensemble nature of the first three seasons. Additionally, the season was released all at once, allowing the audience to binge-watch the season in one sitting.

"Right before the show came out, I thought, I've really not said what this is, and what it had become was a novel," he explained. "That first episode became much more like chapter one of a novel than episode one of a series. And I didn't prep you guys - I'm really sorry about that."

An official announcement has not yet been made on the status of an Arrested Development movie or a season 5, but Netflix has voiced their hope to produce more Arrested Development content.