It looks like Loni Love has had enough of the criticism after Tamar Braxton was let go from The Real.

Loni was accused of being the one to leak the news to B. Scott just hours after Braxton and the rest of the co-hosts found out that Braxton was fired. She has also been blasted as the alleged one who Braxton was referring to when she took to Instagram to say she was “betrayed” by someone she considered a friend.

Of course it didn’t take long for Tamartians to come for Loni on social media. And she’s given them a place to do just that.

She posted a photo of herself Monday and told fans to use that snapshot to comment on their thoughts against her; versus using a picture of a plane that carried a fallen soldier on Memorial Day.

Still, just days before Loni showed love for Braxton after the news went viral.

She wrote, “You shine bright…Keep shining… You have been my twinkle toes, my head chef, crazy friend that makes me smile. You know I love you and your family. Your faith has made me strong, your jokes make me laugh and I know that you will continue to soar as you always do. Know that no matter what I only want and wish you the best. I am here, nothing has changed. Take the time you need but know as I have always been, I am here.”

Loni also revealed in a Facebook video that she had tried several times to reach out to Braxton, but Braxton has not returned her call.

Braxton said on Thursday night’s episode of Braxton Family Values that she was told she didn’t get along with her co-hosts so the show decided to let her go. It seems like that has caused Braxton to give almost all of them the side eye.