While Beyonce snagged the coveted CFDA Fashion Icon Awardt his week, one person who made it clear they are unbothered and not impressed is daytime talk show host Wendy Williams.

She took to her show to not only discuss the award, but come for Beyonce and the outfit she chose to wear during the major event.

Williams agreed with producer, Suzanne, who said, “That’s the worst outfit I’ve ever seen!”

Williams pointed out that while it was a Givenchy outfit, it still was not a win.

She first let stans know that she is a fan of Beyonce, but when it comes to fashion, Williams said she is not an icon.

“I just don’t look to Beyonce for fashion anything. And this is not a bad thing… She just throws something on… I’ve never seen Beyonce rock a handbag where I’m like ‘Oh! I need that.’ It seems like she’s put together by somebody and then she just goes out.”

Williams also threw Rihanna’s name into the mix and said Rihanna, who won the award in 2014, is the real fashion icon.

She went on to say that Beyonce is more like a “showgirl” than a fashion icon.

Williams also touched on Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z’s arrival to the event.

See Williams’s full Hot Topics segment in the clip below and check out what she said about Beyonce at the 5:52 mark.

Many fans didn’t agree with Williams and took to Twitter to shame her for dissing Queen Bey.