Rumors are circulating once again which claim that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are trying to do whatever they can to save their allegedly doomed marriage.

New reports have claimed that Hill and McGraw's 20-year-marriage is once again in crisis mode and that they have "hit a very rough patch," but instead of throwing in the towel and filing for divorce, they are trying to fight to save things instead.

"Instead of hunkering down for a $135 million divorce, the couple is clinging to their marriage with the force of a country ballad," a source reportedly told OK! Magazine.  

As for why, the pair are trying to see if counseling will help them since they want to do whatever it takes to keep their family together.

"Faith is a big believer in counseling and said they need to make it a priority if they are going to stay together as a family," the source allegedly said. "When they fight outside the therapist's office, it's World War III. They need counseling to keep calm and respectful."

"For the sake of their children and everything they've been through over the past two decades, they're doing whatever they can to make it work," the source added.

However, Gossip Cop has debunked the rumors, which it says they have confirmed are untrue, similar to other reports of the couple's relationship being on the brink of divorce.

Reports surfaced back in April that the couple was trying to discreetly divorce, and Hill was actually trying to get advice from Miranda Lambert on how to do it, after she and Blake Shelton successfully divorced and kept it out of the public eye until after it was official last year.

"She's telling Faith to keep up appearances with Tim for the cameras no matter what is going on behind the scenes," sources reportedly said at the time.

Hill and McGraw married back in October of 1996. Since then they have also welcomed three daughters together. They welcomed daughters Gracie Katherine in 1997, Maggie Elizabeth in 1998, and Audrey Caroline in 2001.