There's once again rumors about trouble in their marriage, and another new report claims that as she struggles to deal with problems with Tim McGraw, Faith Hill has been leaning on a friend and fellow superstar who has recently been through a similar ordeal—Miranda Lambert.  

Star Magazine has claimed on a recent cover that McGraw and Hill's 20-year marriage is once again on the rocks and the couple is racing to sign divorce papers, and now, according to Hollywood Life, Hill is leaning on Lambert as she deals with the pain.  

The website reports that as Hill potentially faces a $135 million divorce, Lambert is coaching her on how to handle being in the public eye with her husband as they privately deal with their troubles, which is something she and Shelton proved to be good at, as their divorce wasn't uncovered until the day they officially announced it—and it was legalized in that same 24 hour period.  

"Miranda and Faith have a lot in common, including their strong-willed personalities," a source allegedly said. "She's telling Faith to keep up appearances with Tim for the cameras no matter what is going on behind the scenes." 

The website notes that the couple did seem happy, however, at this past weekend's ACM Awards, sharing a kiss on the red carpet and holding hands all night long—with a source denying the rumor.

"Hundreds of people saw them holding hands backstage all weekend," the source said. "Their hot kiss photo is trending virally. [This story] is totally out of touch with reality."  

However, even if there are troubles for the couple, it's unlikely they would take a decision to divorce lightly. While Lambert and Shelton likely didn't rush into a divorce either, the two also had no children together, which allowed them to handle things for themselves without having to consider how it would affect others. McGraw and Hill, however, have three daughters together, Gracie, 19, Maggie, 18, and Audrey, 15.