Big Sean And Jhene Aiko 2016: Singer's Husband Thrown Into Dating Rumors [VIDEO]

Fans have sympathized with Jhene Aiko's alleged husband, Dot Da Genius, amid rumors that she is dating Big Sean.

Dot Da Genius revealed that he and Jhene are married (or possibly were married) earlier this year. But when she seemed to have gotten close to Big Sean after the release of their Twenty 88 project, many fans could not help but wonder where Dot is in all of this.

One called out the singer and wrote, “It’s crazy how @JheneAiko has a bunch of pics of @BigSean on her #ig but nun of her ‘husband’ …That’s cold…”

Another simply wanted to know, “So is Jhene Aiko cheating on her husband???”

One broke down the timeline and added, “Jhene Aiko went into the studio married and a man like Big Sean snatched her up and told her to off her husband…”

One fan said they have sympathy for Dot. “I feel bad for Jhene Aiko’s husband… I bet most of ya didn’t even know she had one…”

One said, “Jhene Aiko got her husband out here looking stupid.”

It’s still not clear if Jhene and Dot are husband and wife. But one thing is clear: he removed all evidence of Jhene from his Instagram page.

Interestingly enough, Jhene told Flaunt magazine that she is very single on March 29, just days before her album with Big Sean was released. But Jhene confessed that she and Big Sean went on a date back in 2012 even though she had a boyfriend at the time.

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