It has been almost a week since the oldest daughter of rapper T.I. and singer Tiny Harris was taken into custody for having a gun at an airport. And now we know what the two think about Zonnique Pullins, 20, being taken into custody.

Apparently they are pretty understanding about the entire ordeal. Apparently Pullins was catching a flight from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson
International Airport so she could visit her longtime boyfriend. But she accidentally snagged the purse with the .38 caliber pistol in it and didn’t know she had it with her when she got to the airport, TMZ reported Tuesday.

Word is Tiny helped Pullins get the gun after fans started threatening Pullins on social media. One went as far as getting physical with her at a listening party recently. As for T.I., he was also on board with Pullins getting a gun to protect herself.

Things got uglier for Pullins when she couldn’t prove that she had the right papers to own the gun because Tiny had them with her. Still, even if she did Pullins would have been taken into custody because she had the gun in her carry-on, which is against the law.

T.I., who has gotten in trouble with the law for guns in the past himself, was the one to pick up Pullins from the airport and already had a lawyer on deck for her.

Pullins’ cousin was the first of the family to speak out about the incident and posted Pullins’ mugshot on Instagram. See it below.

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 My boo got the cutest mugshot in the game. Let me just clear a couple things up for you guys . Zonnique did get caught with her registered weapon but like most of us she just forgot it was in her really big purse. We were taught in my family that people are crazy out here and carrying a small gun to protect yourself is what's needed . With the late shootings and death of a pop star all in Orlando just this week , I think it's very appropriate that she carries a gun just not to the airport maybe lol. But my girl is home and good so please don't start with the ignorant rumors , she was home and handled before you even heard about it. Zonnique has great parents that made sure she was okay from the moment she was caught. Not all celebrities keep security on them 24/7 they have to protect themselves just like regular people and we all have learned even security can't always protect you . Her mugshot is still cute as hell lol

A photo posted by Tamara Whitaker (@_beautifulrose) on Jun 17, 2016 at 1:42pm PDT