Things aren't looking so good for Rihanna these days. Even though she was at the top of her game this time two years ago, it looks like the chart topper is having a hard time with her major musical comeback, or even getting any media attention for that matter.

In fact, some are saying that the singer's career might be in crisis mode as she's not only being overshadowed by other divas in the industry, including Beyonce and Adele, but that she's having a hard time selling her concert tickets, too. Things are looking so bad for her that her latest performance in London failed to make any waves and worse, sell tickets for that matter, too.

According to Naughty Gossip on Monday, Rihanna's weekend show in the British capital at Wembley Stadium is being panned as "embarrassingly empty" with thousands of empty seats.

"The place was more empty than full," one eyewitness dished. "She should be playing venues half that size. It was embarrassing and you could tell she was upset about it. She said backstage that she will never ever play London again and they have terrible taste in music."

So far a rep for Rihanna has not responded to the report. And while people aren't lining up to see her perform live anymore, at least her latest single with Calvin Harris, "This Is What You Came For," is still burning up the charts this summer.

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