It appears that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's marriage is still dealing with assaults which claim it's on the rocks, and this time, rumor has it things are in trouble because of McGraw's alleged flirty behaviors with other women.

According to a new report in OK! Magazine, Hill is trying to work on things in her marriage with McGraw, but she's hitting her final straw these days.

"Faith is so sick of hearing gossip about Tim's fooling around," a source reportedly told the magazine.

However, the source also maintains that before considering filing for a $135 million divorce, Hill is insistent on trying to work things out through counseling and other means first.

"Faith is a big believer in counseling and said they needed to make it a priority if they are going to stay together as a family," the source said.

This isn't the first time a report has surfaced which claimed the couple's marriage was on the rocks, and that they were trying to fix it with therapy before considering a divorce.

Earlier this month, OK! reported the same story, though it was later debunked by Gossip Cop.

In that report, the magazine claimed that therapy wasn't helping the couple work through their troubles very well because whenever they were outside their appointments at their therapist's, they wound up fighting like cats and dogs.

"When they fight outside the therapist's office, it's World War III. They need counseling to keep calm and respectful."

The pair have been hounded by reports in general over recent months that have claimed their marriage was in trouble, with other stories previously claiming that Hill was seeking advice on how to hide their problems from the public, following her and Blake Shelton's successful ability to keep their own divorce last year a secret until the day it went official and they announced it.

Hill and McGraw married back in October of 1996. Since then they have also welcomed three daughters together, Gracie Katherine in 1997, Maggie Elizabeth in 1998 and Audrey Caroline in 2001.