France Terror Attack Update: Around 50 Survivors Between 'Life And Death' After Massacre [VIDEO]

In yet another act of senseless killing, Mohamed Bouhlel, a 31-year-old Nice resident, mowed down civilians using a large truck during Bastille Day along Nice's beachfront area. The attack has claimed 84 victims so far, with over 200 more people being wounded in the deadly incident.

The harrowing incident was captured by a number of bystanders in the area, as the large truck accelerated on a road filled with people, zig-zagging in an attempt to trample as many people as possible.

The deadly ordeal finally ended when an unknown civilian riding a motorcycle rode alongside and jumped onto the truck, giving the police an opportunity to neutralize the driver. After about 15 to 20 seconds of intense gunfire, the driver of the truck was finally killed.

At the end of the ordeal, 84 were dead and over 200 others were injured during Bouhlel's two-kilometer rampage. French President Francois Hollande immediately rushed to the scene of the attack, denouncing the act and visiting the slain and the injured.

In a statement on Friday, the French President stated that among the injured, there are about 50 people who are currently "between life and death."

In an address to the nation, the French president also stated that the massacre is most probably suspected to be a terrorist attack. Hollande also stated that there might be accomplices involved in the incident.

"The carnage in Nice was an attack whose terrorist character cannot be denied. We need to do everything we can to fight against the threat of terrorism. It's all of France that's under the threat of Islamist radicalism," Hollande said.

The international community has reacted with disgust at the attack, with many world leaders extending their condolences to France. Support for the embattled nation has also begun pouring in, as France tries to mend its wounds once more. 

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