While Drake and Rihanna stay coy about whether they are secretly dating, rumor has it that Kanye West might have a hand in bringing Rihanna and Chris Brown back together.

And it’s all thanks to West’s now epic Famous video that he released earlier this month. The video features the likeness of several naked celebrities; including Brown and Rihanna who appear to lying next to one another. Even though many stars got upset about the feature, it is said to be making Rihanna think about her past with Brown.

Apparently it reminded Rihanna about the “best sex of her life” that she had with Brown during their romance days.

“There have been many mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights where Ri’s laid in bed next to Chris pillow-talking,” an insider told Hollywood Life recently. “Seeing ‘Famous’ made her reminisce on those occasions. Breezy was the best sex of her life and when they were in bed together, those sheets were on fire!”

Still, there was one issue that Rihanna did supposedly have with the video.

“Chris has a much better body than in ‘Famous’ and she noticed it immediately… She would know.”

Brown and Rihanna did have a very high profile romance. But things came to a dangerous head when he physically assaulted her in a brutal incident during the Grammys weekend in February of 2009. Still, since then they were going back-and-forth with their relationship until a couple of years ago. In the meantime she also found love with Drake. Word is they are back on in their romance but are keeping it under wraps for now.