Xbox Scorpio News And Updates: Did Microsoft Miscalculate By Announcing Its Next-Generation Console Too Soon? [VIDEO]

It is no secret that Microsoft went all out in its presentation during the recently-held E3 2016. Announcing not one, but two updates to its current flagship console, the tech giant have shown that it is pulling no stops in its attempt to topple its biggest rival, the Sony PlayStation 4, has the king of gaming consoles in the market.

During the event, Xbox fans marveled at the Xbox One S, a console whose features have been leaked and rumored prior to the event. Despite a number of its most prominent features being leaked in the weeks leading up to E3 2016, however, the console, which was 40 percent smaller than the regular Xbox One and provides HDR support for games, was nonetheless warmly received.

Immediately after the Xbox One S announcement, Microsoft announced Project Scorpio, which is arguably the most powerful gaming console that has ever been built. Promising true 4K gaming, 6 teraflops of graphical performance and VR support, the Scorpio was definitely the very definition of a flagship console.

While most Xbox fans walked away from the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio reveal feeling content and excited, however, the current prospective buyers for Microsoft's original Xbox One seemed to think otherwise. In a report from gaming website Eurogamer, the tech giant's revenue from its gaming department decreased by a massive 9 percent in the fourth financial quarter ending in June.

Apart from this, the revenue from its gaming hardware, which is composed primarily of Xbox One sales, decreased by an even bigger 33 percent. Thus, even if Microsoft did manage to get its fans excited, it seemed like its strategy has backfired on its current gaming console, the Xbox One. After all, with the Xbox One S coming in August and Project Scorpio coming sometime next year, the original Xbox One suddenly became a console that does not make sense to purchase.

With its announcements at E3 2016, Microsoft has set the bar very high for its competitors. At the same time, however, the reveal of the Xbox One S and the announcement of Project Scorpio has all but encouraged its fans to hold out on their console purchases, at least until the more updated machines get to the market.

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