'Dark Souls III' News And Updates: Unsound User-Created Crab Mod Is Strangely Creepy, Yet Satisfying? [VIDEO]

Sometimes, modding just might get a little bit too far. In the case of Dark Souls III, a group of modders have turned the nightmarish landscape of the dark fantasy game into a world of, well, crabs. In essence, the modding group, who go by the name of Limit Breakers, have transformed all textures in the game into a sea of large, orange crustaceans.

With every single texture in the highly-popular game swapped for flat images of crabs, the game ironically turns into something undeniably unsound. Dark Souls III is a game filled with the stuff of nightmares, but with the mod, which could be seen in the video below, it is hard not to feel just a little bit off.

Of course, if you're Ostraconophobic, then there's no doubt that the Dark Souls III crab mod would definitely make the exponentially scarier. Even without the crab phobia, however, there's just something about the crustacean-filled modded landscape, coupled with the lighthearted music in the background, that makes the images seem unsettling.

Numerous fans of the modding group have taken to the video's comment section to discuss the rather unusual mod to the game. While there are those who do not really understand that reason why the group opted to change every single texture in the game to a flat orange crustacean, there are those who simply stated that, well, why not?

Limit Breakers has always been a modding group with a taste for the unusual. Prior to the crab mod video, the group opted to release a brief guide on how to acquire the "broken armor look" in the game without using any hacks. Needless to say, the group's little tutorial is just as unsound as the crab mod.

In less crabby Dark Souls III news, the game's developer, From Software, has announced that It is currently in the process of creating three new games, while director Hidetaka Miyazaki has assured fans that he is determined to make something better in the future. 

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