Aaron Rodgers Wife: Olivia Munn Caused Family Feud With 'Bachelorette' Winner Jordan? [VIDEO]

Aaron Rodgers' brother, Jordan, opened up about his strained relationship with the Green Bay Packers quarterback during the recently-wrapped season of The Bachelorette, but he didn't reveal why.

Although fans may never know what exactly came between the two brothers, a report has claimed Aaron's longtime girlfriend, Olivia Munn, may be involved in their ongoing feud.

"The Aaron Rodgers family feud that has captured so many people’s attention has continued to escalate and the cause of all the drama may have finally been pinpointed: potential future Aaron Rodgers wife, Olivia Munn," Earn the Necklace reported weeks ago.

During an episode of The Bachelorette, Aaron and Jordan's father hinted that fame may have been a factor in his son's falling out. And while he didn't name Munn specificially, the report claimed the Rodgers family doesn't appear to be on board with the relationship.

"So, why is Olivia Munn reportedly the one to blame the Aaron Rodgers brother drama? Well, truth be told, it’s not very clear; Jordan Rodgers never seems to give an explanation outside of, 'it’s complicated,' which may as well be his catchphrase at this point," the outlet explained. "However, the general consensus is that the two younger Rodgers brothers had a fine relationship until Aaron entered a relationship with Munn, implying that the issue is perhaps that the larger contingent of the Rodgers family isn’t particularly fond of her."

For more on Munn's possible involvement in the Rodgers' family feud, check out the Access Hollywood clip below.

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