Are Tom Hardy and Harry Styles having difficulties working together?

The actor and One Direction singer have been working on set of the dramatic film Dunkirk, and according to a recent report, Styles was "humiliated" by Hardy.

A source apparently told OK! that the two were cool with each other at first, but not so much anymore.

"They were like BFFs at the start, with Tom promising to show Harry the ropes," the source said. "Harry bragged to a ton of people about how well they got along. Now, Tom only talks to him to criticize his work, and it's really wounded Harry's pride."

Unfortunately, it seems that the connection between these two might stay in the awkward path.

"It's obvious that Harry's uncomfortable whenever Tom's around," the source said, adding that Styles will "get over it."

As it turns out though, this news doesn't appear to be accurate in any way. According to Sunday's report from Gossip Cop, Styles was not "humiliated" and the two seem to be working together just fine. A production source told the site that the previous report is "not true at all."

In fact, there was a report from Hollywood Life that said the actor has actually been giving the singer some tips on set since acting isn't something that Styles is used to.

"Harry has been crushing it on set of his new film," a source told the site. "He has been getting along with all the cast and crew who all love how humble the superstar is acting on [set]. He is not behaving like a diva at all, no entourage, just a sweet guy. Harry is getting lots of advice from veteran actor Tom Hardy."

Dunkirk is expected to be released on July 21, 2017.