Simone Biles Grandparents: Olympic Gymnast's Biological Mother Is Not Happy [VIDEO]

Simone Biles is getting lots of love as a part of Team USA’s Women’s Gymnastics team during the 2016 Olympics. But word is her biological mother is not happy.

Fans who have been following know that Biles was put into the foster care system at just 2-years-old as her mother, Shanon Biles, had an issue with substance abuse. Simone’s grandfather and his wife, Nellie, adopted her and her younger sister. It was actually Nellie who got Simone involved in gymnastics. But now, Shanon has spoken out and said that she is clean and has been drug and alcohol free for almost ten years. She and Simone have even reconnected. But now she wants her past to stop coming up in conversation and headlines.

TMZ caught up with Shanon, who said of her parents’ recent interview with NBC, “I feel like they’re defaming my character. I know what happened. I was struggling… I’ve gotten better. Life goes on but that’s my best. And that’s where it should be left at. I’m his firstborn… He could have been a bit more classy.”

Still, she added that she has been “following” Simone “for years” and gushed about her proud she is of Simone. She revealed they speak every few months but Simone has included her in her life and they have travelled together within the last few years.

“I just wanna say ‘I love you Simone!’ I’m so proud of you. Go Team USA. I’ll see you when I can.”

Simone has said she refers to her grandparents as “her mom and dad” because “that’s all I’ve ever known. I was so young.”

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