Fans of Google's mobile operating system are highly anticipating the release of its newest iteration, Android Nougat. Android N is expected to bring a lot of novel aspects to the operating system, including added security and a more robust feature set.

Though the final release date for Android Nougat has not been officially announced by the tech giant, recent rumors are speculating that the actual release date for the mobile OS would happen sometime this August. If this is indeed the case, Android owners would finally be able to enjoy the best that Google has to offer very soon.

The Android N Beta has been around for some time already, though, and many who have tested the upcoming mobile OS have listed Android Nougat's most useful features. Here are three very notable updates that Android users would definitely enjoy.

Multi-Window Support

This feature is something that Samsung Note users have enjoying for some time now. With multi-window, Android Nougat users would be able to run two apps side by side. This is very useful if users would not like to disturb their YouTube video while responding to a text message. What's more, multi-window support is also compatible with Android TV users.

Awesome Performance

Google has been in the habit of making its newest mobile OS faster and more efficient than its predecessors. This is generally the same with Android Nougat, as the upcoming operating system is set to feature the new Vulkan 3D graphics API, which consumes less CPU power than Android Marshmallow's OpenGL. Android N is also set to introduce the JTI compiler, which is speculated to increase app efficiency by up to 75 percent.

Night Mode

While Apple iPhone users are highly anticipating the release of a Night Mode for the upcoming iPhone 7, Android N users would be able to enjoy a sleek, white on black theme that is both classy and easy on the eyes at night. With Night Mode, users would not need to worry about the retina-burning smartphone glare that is experienced when viewing a mobile device's screen in the middle of the night.