Debby Ryan is making a bigger name for herself with her new gig.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the Disney Channel star will be joining actresses Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph in the upcoming flick Life of the Party. Ryan will be playing a "mean girl" who's the head of a sorority.

The plot involves a partier who joins his son at college. Filming is expected to begin later this month with a possible release date on May 11, 2018.

Ryan's previous credits include Sing It!, The Mysteries of Laura and Jessie.

The actress is also known for giving positive words of wisdom to the public, including people who are aspiring entertainers. In a previous interview with Celeb Secrets 4 U, Ryan mentioned that it's a good idea to be open-minded about all sides of the entertainment industry since she's had her own experience in front and behind the camera.

"Be open to what you can learn from every situation," she said. "Because maybe you want to act in a movie or direct a film, but in order to get to that point, you have to build yourself as an actor and you have to make sure that you are auditioning. And in that process maybe that teaches you that your favorite part is the dialogue and the writing and maybe that's something you love."

Ryan also revealed how the end result is always worth it since something special always comes along with having these experiences.

"I think that to really be able to take one aspect of every kind of lesson that you've learned and compile it to your experience, that's an invaluable tool," she said.

The actress also pointed out how it's okay to say no "if it's not the right project," a piece of advice she gave to her younger self.

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