Brock Turner Update: Feminist Cult Fights Back Against Stanford Student's Rape Case With Help From Professor [VIDEO]

The Brock Turner case has gotten attention from a secret feminist cult who is taking a stand.

On Wednesday, USA Today College reported that a cult called GRLCVLT is taking action against the case where a judge sentenced Turner, a Stanford student, to six months in jail for sexual assault on a young woman while she was unconscious.

This led the cult to open up on this light-hearted sentence. Founder of the group Remy Holwick mentioned how frightening this case is for rape victims.

"I felt so helpless that women were being indicted by a system for something they have no control over, which is rape," Holwick said. "I don't want to feel like I don't have any power over that."

This is when the founder invited people to her apartment through the private GRLCVLT Facebook page to write letters to California's Commission of Judicial Performance, demanding the judge in this case to be unseated. Holwick expected only about 10 people to show up, but this expanded and approximately 1,000 people wanted to help.

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, who's also the chair of the official campaign to recall Judge Persky, heard about this event and contacted the cult. When they asked how they can help, she said they needed money. Apparently, this can help campaign against Persky and make a real difference.

"When you donate you definitely get the attention of the political system," Dauber said. "There is a power in voting and participation, and part of participation is money."

The site mentioned that approximately $1 million is needed to recall the judge. And with the help from GRLCVLT, there could be more events to help change more situations like this one.

"[GRLCVLT] became much more active after this case," Holwick said. "This is the way things change. People come together because we are stronger together."

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