'Nashville' Season 5 Renewal: Find Out Which Actor Won't Return For Fifth Year [VIDEO]

One of the Nashville stars will not be part of the CMT renewal.

After the series was canceled from ABC, it found a new home on the country music network. As it turns out though, one of the actors from the series will be sticking with ABC and won't be coming back for the fifth season.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly announced that Will Chase, who played Luke, is the one who won't make his way back to the country drama. He has signed on for ABC series Time After Time where he'll play an "ambitious and charismatic war veteran vying to be New York's next state senator."

In a previous report from Adweek, CMT president Brian Philips mentioned how things were going in the writers' room as Nashville embarks upon new storylines.

"You're not going to be seeing egregious storylines set inside the executive suites of CMT I don't think," Philips said. "The writers are dedicated to making the stories pop, and it's whatever they come up with. For what it's worth, half of our executives were already on the ABC version of the show, much to my surprise sometimes when I was watching it!"

The CMT president also mentioned that the series is expected to air sometime near the end of the year.

"It's still a work in progress," Philips said. "The writers' room is up, the showrunners are in place, and my sense is that they can more or less deliver at will. It could be fall; it could be a little bit later. We don't know. We're in the earliest of talks right now. We feel like the Nashville machine is gearing up, and we'll develop a plan for the rollout of these 22 new episodes that makes the most sense for everybody."

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