Emma Watson Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood, Youngest Celebrity To Make It To The Top Vanity Fair Earning Chart

Hollywood took into account the highest-paid salaries for actresses in honor of Women’s History Month.

Emma Watson is reportedly Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, even though she is only 23-years-old.

The Harry Potter star made $15 million for each Harry Potter film, giving her a grand total of $30 million in 2009, according to Radar Online. Cameron Diaz was a close runner-up, making $27 million in 2010, and Sarah Jessica Parker following closely behind with $24 million. Parker reportedly made $15 million for the second film of Sex and the City.

For each of her two films, 27 Dresses and the comedy film Knocked Up, Katherine Heigl made $12 million, with a total of $24 million. Knocking Angelina Jolie out of the top five was Reese Witherspoon, who earned $21 million for Monsters Verses Aliens and How Do You Know.

Watson was listed as having received the highest-paying salary since 2009. Although actresses like Jolie, Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston made the top actress earnings list, the Harry Potter star made it as the youngest celebrity to top the Vanity Fair Earning chart.

The actress is currently enrolled in Brown University and reportedly conducts herself in a mature and professional manner. She also posed for the Burberry, the British luxury brand.

Watson's co-star, Daniele Radcliffe from the Harry Potter film ranks among the top 6 in Hollywood. He earned $41 million in 2009, based on the list, with $40 million from his work in the Harry Potter films.

Kristen Stewart came in ninth place among highest-paid actresses of Hollywood.

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