'Gilmore Girls' Revival: Another Spat Between Luke & Lorelai? 'Stakes Are Much Higher' In New PHOTO [VIDEO]


All is not well in Stars Hollow...or is it? Netflix dropped a brand new photo from the Gilmore Girls revival on Tuesday, and it has fans buzzing.

Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) change their relationship statuses more than a high school, but, as of the season 7 finale, it looked as if the pair were ready to give romance a second shot. The latest teaser for A Year in the Life have some viewers wondering if the couple will fall into a classic Luke/Lorelai argument before long.

The photo, which you can view over at TV Line, shows the Hollow's most notorious bachelor and bachelorette enjoying a night out at the Black, White, and Read movie theater. The movie du jour doesn't quite have the pair's attention, however, particularly as Lorelai is looking scandalized over a cell phone convo. Luke, meanwhile, is wearing his Taylor Doose Special - that face he unusually reserves for the fastidious town selectman.

Are Lorelai and Luke fighting? That's certainly a possibility, but we'd like to air on the side of caution and send out nothing but good vibes.

"It's as complex and entertaining as it's always been - if not more so, actually. In these four mini movies, the relationship is really ramped up and the stakes are much higher," Patterson told Glamour of the TV romance. "It's fun playing it, and it's different. There's some really juicy stuff in there. I think the fans are going to be wowed by it."

For better or for worse, find out what the future holds for Luke and Lorelai when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life comes to Netflix this November.

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