'The Voice' Season 11 Premiere: Miley Cyrus Not Impressed With Adam Levine's Record [VIDEO]

Even though Adam Levine has won The Voice three times, new coach Miley Cyrus isn't impressed.

Cyrus is already making an impression as one of the newest coaches on The Voice. A new teaser promo shows Cyrus and Levine trying to court a singer to their team, with Levine using his three wins as a coach as leverage.

"I know how to win this show," Levine says to the contestant. "I've won three times."

"So you've won three times?" Cyrus asks him, playfully. "We're on the 11th season.

In response, Levine states, "Three out of 10 is 30 percent; I'll take it."

Of course, Blake Shelton has to butt in at this point, with the coach quipping, "She's so right. I'm so happy right now." Shelton has won The Voice four times, more than any other coach in the show's history.

As far as coach dynamics, The Voice has usually focused on Levine and Shelton's love-hate relationship, but Cyrus may end up being another factor this season. The same could also be said for fellow new coach Alicia Keys. The teaser features an intriguing clip of Keys sparring with Shelton.

Shelton asks Keys, "What are you thinking about right now?" to which Keys responds confidently, "I'm just doing my thing." Shelton wonders if she's trying to intimidate her, to which she asks him if he's intimidated and adds that she has "so much better advice than you, man. I just feel it."

The Voice season 11 is set to kick off with a two-hour episode Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

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