If you thought the coolest thing to come out of Starbucks's fall lineup was the PSL, you're so wrong.

The coffee chain is testing out an exclusive brunch menu at various locations in Portland and Seattle. The menu is served weekends between 8am and 2pm, and is shown alongside the other bakery items.

What can you expect from a coffee chain brunch? Belgian waffles, for one. Also, quiche and baked French toast, which sounds absolutely divine.

How does this differ from the existing menu options at Starbucks, which includes breakfast sandwiches and various baked goods? The brunch menu is far less portable, so chances are, you'll enjoy your quiche in-store as opposed to walking out and attempting to nosh on it in the car.

Unfortunately, Starbucks hasn't unveiled any plans to spread their brunch offerings to other locations from coast to coast. That's OK, as long as bottomless brunches are the next thing on the Starbucks itinerary, we're solid.