Chipotle Drones: Company Testing For Burrito Delivery At Virginia Tech?

I'm pretty sure my biggest conundrum in life is constantly craving Chipotle but always being too damn lazy to walk several blocks and wait on line to have it made.

I've tried hacking the system--getting friends to get it for me or having Postmates pick up my order. Nothing stands between me and my burrito bowl (except a long line and the absence of guacamole.)

To appease me and my Chipotle addiction, the chain has revealed drones--yes, drones--that are programmed to drop off your burritos. 

Here's the catch. The drones are part of a partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP), and are currently being tested at Virginia Tech. The program is closed to the public, however, several lucky Chipotle heads are able to order a burrito and have it flown over to them via drones operated by food trucks (which are operated by real live people.)

Only a matter of time until the program spreads to Chipotles around the world, right? At least that's what I'll keep telling myself.

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