Strictly speaking, mathematically and scientifically, the chances of life existing elsewhere in the universe are very notable. After all, with numerous Earth-like planets being spotted in a frequency like never before, and with Solar Systems across innumerable galaxies being discovered practically every day, the idea of life existing only on Earth and humans being the only intelligent life forms in the universe is simply irrational.

According to bestselling author Ben Mezrich, who has written acclaimed books such as The Accidental Billionaires and 21, the premise of aliens visiting Earth is something that must be taken very seriously by the public. In his new book, the 37th Parallel, Mezrich discussed how unexplained incidents such as cattle mutilations, might very well be proof that aliens are among us.

"Over the past seventy years, more than ten thousand cows and horses have been found killed and mutilated, in frighteningly similar fashion: usually left lying on their sides, with multiple organs removed through precise, circular wounds," he said.

"The animals are found missing hearts, eyes, tongues, lungs- and that isn't even the worst part. Almost all of these carcasses have been found completely drained of blood."

Of course, the number of instances when witnesses reported UFO sightings and the like are innumerable as well.

However, the author pointed out that the higher-ups in the government seem to be intent on keeping the answers to these unexplained incidents secret, for a long time to come.

"What interested me the most was the lack of any mainstream efforts to really dig into the topic," Mezrich said.

"The harder I looked at the data, the more convinced I became that something real was going on here- that even if 99.9 percent of sightings could be explained away by secret military test projects, mistaken drones and airplanes, natural cosmic phenomenon - that left more than a handful of events that needed to be studied more seriously."

What is particularly notable is that over the years, those who actually study the possibility of aliens and UFOs seriously are immediately met with ridicule and mockery from the public.

"The very fact that mainstream scientists, legitimate historians, and respected journalists can't look into the UFO phenomenon without facing ridicule - heck, every interview I'll do for my new book will be introduced with X-Files music and pictures of little green men - maintains the cover-up better than any military veil," the author stated.

"At this point, no amount of data, eyewitness accounts, or photos, will convince the average skeptic. Hillary Clinton's efforts aside, it would take a UFO landing on the White House lawn to really change the conversation about UFOs- and even then a large portion of the population would assume it was a hoax."