A video allegedly shot over a Malaysian village has gotten the UFO community excited. In a brief video, a massive UFO, seemingly straight out of the popular sci-fi flick Independence Day, appeared to glide just above several trees in the area, before turning around and circling back towards a small village.

An Authentic Footage?

The video, which many UFO aficionados claim is authentic, was allegedly shot in a small Malaysian village. The identity of the person who uploaded the video remains a mystery, mostly due to the Asian nation's conservative nature. Nevertheless, the video does speak for itself.

While most clips currently uploaded to the internet are muted, the original upload allegedly featured a number of villagers exclaiming in amazement and horror at the UFO flying just above them. Part of this is due to the fact that the village, which was close to Kuala Krai, is quite secluded. Thus, its residents barely see any aircraft passing above them.

Then again, the object in the video does appear to be anything but man-made.

Skeptics Attack Video's Authenticity

While the video did convince a number of UFO aficionados that it was authentic, many skeptics have emerged stating that the footage was simply too implausible to be true. Others pointed out the fact that the video was once more taken with a very bad camera; hence, making an analysis of the footage extremely difficult.

Overall, the video has split the UFO community into two, with some believing that the craft's presence is a clear sign that aliens are now trying to make contact with people, and some others stating that the video is nothing but a regular hoax.

Malaysian Police Dismiss the Video

Just like the skeptics, Malaysian authorities have dismissed the video, stating that if the video's extraordinary content was indeed real, they would have received numerous calls about it from concerned residents.

With no calls or reports of any disturbances related to the UFO sighting, however, Malaysian police Supt. Abdullah Roning is convinced that the object in the video was completely man-made.

"The video was circulated by certain parties," he said.