Brielle Biermann has a new man in her life, Boston Red Sox minor-league pitcher Michael Kopech, and her mom, Kim Zolciak, is a fan.

In an new interview, Biermann opened up about her new boyfriend and revealed what she likes most about their relationship.

"He's pretty nice; he's really sweet," Brielle told The Daily Dish on Monday. "He's just thoughtful. He's very thoughtful and I'm not used to thoughtfulness and I feel like I'm pretty abrasive sometimes because I'm not used to someone who's so nice, very relaxed and chill. I'm used to rude people."

A photo posted by Michael Kopech (@mikop34) on Aug 8, 2016 at 7:36pm PDT


According to Zolciak, Kopech is a "mini-Kroy" and described the athlete as "talented" and "no drama."

"He's super nice. He's like a mini Kroy [Biermann], blonde [and] blue eyed, comes from a very small town in Texas. [He's] very humble, easy moving, drives a big ol' truck kind of the same [as Kroy]. It's funny," she said. 

Zolciak confirmed her daughter's new romance back in July and according to the report, they began dating after Biermann split from former boyfriend Slade Osborne in October 2015.

"You wouldn't appreciate Michael if you didn't have a little bit of chaos prior," Zolciak added.

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