After gun shots were heard near where Jennifer Lopez was filming a music video Sunday night, the singer was ushered to a vehicle for safety.

Several gun shots were fired about 400 yards from where the singer was filming in Fort Lauderdale. Daily Mail reported that although cops did not find those involved in the shooting, they detained several people at the scene.

J. Lo was shooting scenes for her upcoming music video Live It Up, and the shots were heard while she was filming an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Interviewer Rob Marciano said, “Security scrambled [Lopez] away' after the shots rang out,” according to the report

He tweeted the following:

Marciano also wrote, "Police confirming: 'shots fired. no one hit.' Whew."

According to officials, Lopez was in her vehicle when the incident was reported.

Billboard recently announced that the singer will return to American Idol for the first time since leaving at the end of last season, where she will perform Live It Up in the show's grand finale. The singer may replace Mariah Carey as a judge after the Obsessed singer received criticism for her judging style.