One of the most ironic events has happened in anime fandom with the airing of Naruto Shippuden Episode 478. Longtime fans of the series, who have suffered through years of filler episodes are, as unlikely as it may sound, asking for more filler episodes.

This is because finally, after decades on the air, the epic saga of Naruto is finally coming to an end. As much as numerous fans were a bit apprehensive about how Studio Pierrot would treat the all-important final battle, fans were pleasantly surprised with a masterfully directed, near-perfect episode that exceeded all expectations.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 478 Review

While Episode 478, The Unison Sign, was widely expected to contain a significant amount of fillers, the majority of Naruto Shippuden fans actually stated that they enjoyed the way the episode played out. Flashbacks and other time-consuming elements were used in classic Studio Pierrot fashion, but the episode ultimately proved to be an emotional ride for viewers nonetheless.

One thing that really stuck with fans was the way Sasuke's character development was explored in the episode. Over the course of the series, Sasuke has always been Naruto's foil, a tormented young ninja who ultimately became the biggest threat to the titular character. In The Unison Sign, Sasuke finally managed to break down all his walls, opening up to Naruto and admitting his faults. For fans who have stayed with the series for years, such scenes served as a big emotional payoff.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 479 Preview

The preview for the next episode was very simple, showing the aftermath of the battle and Naruto walking around Konoha bruised, battered, but ultimately better. From the scenes in the preview, the following episode appears to contain a lot of events that are barely explored in the manga. Overall, Episode 479, Uzumaki Naruto, seems to be a bridge of sorts towards the anime's final episode, which is set to be aired two weeks from today.

With the anime finally ending, fans of the longtime series are fondly stating that a few new filler arcs would not be so bad at this point. Studio Pierrot really outdid itself with the finale of the young ninja's epic saga. Even the little nods to the first series, as well as the events that would appear to transpire in Episode 479, are just a big love letter to the anime's longtime fans.