Amazon Echo bugs out Lady Gaga's latest album!

After over forty thousand customer reviews and a near perfect score on the hosting site, Amazon's very own Amazon Echo has been roaming around in the digital world for quite a bit now.

It's new immersive style as well as the game-changing hands free control has put this device in the hearts of many of its users. However, it was recently discovered that this all-round highly connective device may be the bane of its own existence.

Famous modern day singer and musician Lady Gaga has been working on a new album called Joanne. Though she did release the name of the album on its own, she had not released any of the music yet.

However, Amazon Echo had other ideas. The device is voice controlled and can basically handle all its functions through that feature. The Artificial intelligence that controls it all is called Alexa. Users can simply ask Alexa to play songs from various music platforms from various artists and the device will listen.

Using this feature, users simply asked Alexa to play Lady Gaga's Joanne and Alexa would find half a minute long previews of songs which have not been released yet. This feature has been removed since its initial discovery and whilst it was active, it was only available in the United States according to Engadget.

Since this was discovered, people all around the States tried to get their hands on the thirty second demos which ultimately did cause them to globally leak out. Although it is uncertain whether or not this harms the celebrity, it can certainly be said that this event did gain her much more publicity than before.

It can also be expected that Amazon will do their best to avoid this kind of mishap in the near future.This goes to show that there can be such a thing as too much connectivity.

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