Chris Brown thinks that Rihanna is his soul mate and whatever happens, whoever they date with at the moment, they will still end up being together again.

Days after Rih and Drake were reported to have split up, new reports surfaced that Breezy is keen in winning back his ex despite their long history of being in an on-and-off relationship and that controversial violent phase in 2009.

According to Inquistr, the "Loyal" singer believes that he is 'still on Ri's mind' and he never stopped loving her. The hope to rekindle their romance is still there with him presuming it is just a matter of time.

The source further continued that the rapper was in pain when Drake and Rih's relationship blossomed. Despite the pain, he reportedly kept his hope and never believed that the two will end up tying the knot as he considers his rival 'just a pinch hitter' until he is ready to woe the songstress and commit in their future relationship.

Fans of the Chris Brown-Rihanna tandem should not too excited for now as Hollywood Life said that the Umbrella singer may not accept Breezy's proposal this time and even considered their past relationship as a 'mistake.'

In fact, she expressed being comfortable with her single status and posted on a cryptic message on Instagram saying she is not the problem in her past breakups. Other reports said that she just want to give her lovelife a break and would not rush for a new romance.

It was during the mid-month of October when a Drake-Rihanna split came up months after they announced their love publicly in July this year. E! News attributed the split to their busy schedules yet left a hopeful tone to fans saying that the lovebirds 'are still in each other's lives.'

But for now, Drake has seek refuge in India Love's arms and may not concentrate on Rihanna for now.